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Passwords are optional at this time. If the login box is prompting you for a password, it means you must have set one up in the past. Click here and follow the instructions to reset your password. If you do not currently have a password and would like to add one, log in and click on My Account > Set Password.
Make sure you aren't in "private" mode in your browser. If your address bar is dark gray or black, you are probably in private mode. Clicking the Logout button at any time will also remove your email address from memory.
Log in, then click the My Account button under where it says "Welcome (Name)".
Those are what we like to call "flair," and are available for Premium and Power Users. Premium Users get to choose one piece of flair, and Power Users get to choose two. Upgrade your account to earn yours!
To receive fewer emails, log in and click on My Account > Emails to let us know what types of emails you would like to receive. Click here to unsubscribe from ALL emails. To permanently delete your account, log in, then click My Account > Delete My Account.
Click here to register your region. We rely on local admins to input court locations for each region.
Click on the Suggest Courts button (must be logged in), found next to the Map button (on desktop computers), or at the top of the screen under your name (on mobile). Your local admins will need to approve the location before it's available for scheduling. If you submitted a location some time ago and it has not been approved, please contact the site admins using the form below.
Log in, then click My Account > Change Region. You can also click the globe icon next to the current city name. Recently viewed cities will be added to a dropdown menu that appears when you click the current city name.
PlayTime Scheduler is not an app at this time, but the website is mobile-friendly, and works very much like an app. You can even bookmark it as an icon on your phone's home screen for one-touch access. Click here for phone-specific instructions.
Yes, this feaure is available for users who upgrade to Power User level. You can create an event that repeats for up to 8 weeks.
Perhaps! Be sure to also check the list of features currently available for Premium and Power Users. For just a small annual fee of $25 or $25 a month you can access dozens of upgraded features.
Sessions marked "private" are invite-only sessions. Only those included on the invitation list can view the players' names, and other session details. By default, we show these sessions publicly on the calendar so you can get an idea how busy the courts might be. If you are a Premium or Power User you also have the choice to hide them from your calendar.
Generally speaking, the answer is NO, but it depends on your local area. This site is not officially linked to any park, venue, or club, and therefore carries no weight or authority, unless your organization has explicitly stated it is using PlayTime as a reservation system. Be sure to look into your local club/venue's policies regarding court usage.

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