About Invite-Only Sessions...

(Formerly known as "Private" sessions)

Session bubbles marked "INVITE" are invite-only sessions. Only those included on the invitation list can view players' names and other session details. To everyone else, the names will appear as "Hidden" and they will not be able to add their name to the session.

What It Is

Think of an invite-only session as the equivalent of a group text message or email, where you are inviting specific friends to play with you at a certain location and time. Rather than dealing with a bunch of reply-alls, you have a streamlined way to collect RSVPs, and those not attending don't get stuck receiving all the extra chatter, like on a typical group text message thread.

What It Isn't

An invite-only session does not equate to a court reservation. PlayTime Scheduler is not officially linked to any park, club, or venue and therefore creating a session on PlayTime Scheduler does not constitute a court reservation. PLAYTIME SCHEDULER IS AN INVITATION SYSTEM, NOT A RESERVATION SYSTEM.

If You're Invited to an Invite-Only Session

Your group must follow all the usual court rotation and sharing rules when you arrive at your court location. Exactly the same as if you had arranged the play date by text or email, or randomly showed up. As always, please be fair and courteous to those not included in your group. When PlayTime Scheduler users show up and demand special rights to courts, we receive threats from the City to take their locations down from the site because of the bad behavior. Please help us keep this website available everywhere by using this feature appropriately!

If You Were Not Invited

We understand and cherish the idea that pickeball has flourished under a welcoming open play culture. Please do not take invite-only sessions as an attack on pickleball culture, or a slight to anyone personally. There are many valid reasons why someone would want to create an invite-only session. Since COVID, many players have preferred to play in "pods" or smaller groups to limit exposure. Court over-crowding is also a problem in many areas of the country, and more closed play sessions can help re-distribute court usage to less crowded times. Or, someone may simply be looking to see some familiar faces, and want to ensure their friends will be there by extending a special invite. (Many users have public sesssion notifications turned off, but invite-only notitifications turned on.)

Why Am I Seeing Sessions I'm Not Included On?

We promise we are not trying to cause drama or hurt anyone's feelings! By default, we show all sessions publicly on the calendar so you can get an idea how busy the courts might be. (For example, if you see there is an invite-only session with 30 people at one location, you might choose to play elsewhere that day.) This is actually considered a courtesy to other players. Smaller sessions that don't impact court availability may be hidden by the session creator, if appropriate. If you are a Premium or Power User you can choose to hide invite-only sessions from your calendar if you prefer.

A Note on Private (Residential) Courts

If you have a private court at your residence and wish to create invite-only sessions there without disclosing your court's location, please contact us and we can help faciliate this. Your sessions will NOT appear on the public calendar, and your court location will NOT appear on the map.

Thank you for taking the time to read this information! Please pass your understanding on to other users who may be confused about the intent and purpose of invite-only sessions.

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