Pickleball in Stewart, OH

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The Federal Valley Resource Center (FVRC) Gym


Using this website to sign up for play:

Sessions are 2 hours long with each session open for up to 5 people. There is a Waitlist Feature which anyone can add their name to be moved up to playing if someone cancels. If you sign up and have to cancel, please do so as early as possible to allow another player to participate. 

Players can add up to 1 guest playing with them. This limit is to encourage everyone to have their own account and to play with other community members who also want to sign up. Once 4 people have signed up you will receive an email that the session is a go.

If you are a FAMILY who wants to all play together, add your name and add a guest named FAMILY. Additionally state in the notes that you are a family of 4 or more and that this session is full.

A donation of $2.00 per person, per session is suggested. When you arrive cash can be dropped into the red donation box or you can pay using Venmo or Paypal. 

Want to learn how to play Pickleball?

Look for sessions that have an instructor leading them. As we are able we will provide someone to teach the basics or provide a time to do improvement drills and skills. These sessions will be clearly marked and are at no additional cost over the $2 donation!

FVRC may have to cancel sessions if we have a gym rental. If this happens you should receive an email notification if a cancellation affects you. We regret having to cancel but our facilities are used in many ways and we want to open our gym to pickleball play as often as possible, Saturday and Sunday play will most likely be more affected.

For more Information regarding FVRC, visit our website at https://federalvalleyresourcecenter.org/pickleball


Pickleball Courts in Stewart

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Federal Valley Resource Center
8225 St Rt 329, Stewart Ohio 45778
1 Indoor courts
Lighted, Nets Provided