Pickleball in Star Valley Ranch, WY

Includes Star Valley Ranch, Thayne Community Center, Alpine Courts, Alpine Civic Center

Local Admin Alert

Scheduling updates for Thayne CC gymnasium:   (Always subject to change)

Saturday, April 13th, the gym is rented at 10AM.  Please be out, have all equipment put away and empty bottles, etc in the trash.

When the gym is open to PB on Saturday's - please have nets down and equipment put away by noon.

Please be advised that the Thayne CC PB schedule, posted on this site, is preapproved by the Thayne Rec Department.  Any additional time or sessions need to be approved through the Rec Dept, prior to posting.   

Every Monday from 9AM-12PM a children's play group is scheduled. To avoid them feeling rushed (unintentional, I'm sure), it may be best to wait in the hallway or outside until 12PM, or until their departure - in the event they leave early.







Pickleball Courts in Star Valley Ranch

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Alpine - Ferry Peak Park
Meadows Dr., Alpine WY 83128
2 Outdoor courts
Nets Provided
Alpine Civic Center Indoor Play
121 US-89, Alpine WY 83128
1 Indoor courts
Nets Provided
SVR Association Courts
171 Vista Dr., Star Valley Ranch WY 83127
2 Outdoor courts
Dedicated, Nets Provided
Thayne Community Center Gym
250 Van Noy Pkwy., Thayne WY 83127
2 Indoor courts
Lighted, Nets Provided