Pickleball in San Juan County, WA

Includes OI-Old Gym in Eastsound, SJI-Cahill Court in Friday Harbor, SJI-High School in Friday Harbor, OI-New Gym in Eastsound, SJI-Roche Harbor Resort (Private), OI-Buck Park in Eastsound

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- Experienced & Competitive Players:  Tuesdays & Thursdays 4-6pm and Sundays 10am-12pm

- Newer & Recreational:  Tuesdays & Fridays 10am-12pm

This schedule will be in place into the fall (or as long as the weather allows for safe or predictable outdoor play).  

All four courts may be in use during these sessions.  When the three permanent courts are full, a fourth net may be set up, provided one is available.  When all 3-4 courts are full and/or players are waiting due to odd numbers, we adhere to a fair 4 On/4 Off format (sometimes with Court 4 being designated as a Challenge Court).  Note that when courts are full, doubles have priority singles and lessons.  When all courts are full during drop-in/open play timings, we may move to the Board System to organize play (instructions are printed court-side).  

Note that when new public sessions are scheduled, everyone eligible for that session (skill, gender, etc.) automatically receives an email (unless they changed their settings because they don't want email).  

SIGNING UP:  Click +Add My Name to sign up for sessions in advance.  Signing up really supports other players in making an informed decision to play, drive from 30 minutes away or even come by ferry to play.  And, if for any reason you must cancel, please remove your name as soon as possible.  

It is recommended to avoid scheduling open or private play during the Standard Open Play/Drop In Sessions highlighted in yellow. 

*** Please note that this is a communications system and not a court reservation system.*****

WHAT TO BRING:  Paddle, if you have one (there are usually extras available to borrow); balls, if you have them (most players use DuraFast 40's or Franklin X-40's); sunglasses or protective glasses; water/beverage; hat or visor; hand sanitizer; court shoes (not running shoes).COVID-19 SAFETY PROTOCOLS

- Use clean balls and disinfect dirty balls after play.  (Also, recommended to clean your paddle as well.)

- Avoid placing water bottles and other personal belongings close to another's.

- Do bring and/or use hand sanitizer before, during and after play.

- Avoid congregating in close proximity on and off the court to keep our island community calm :-)


- If two or three courts are in use, please place chairs and large belongings outside of court on the sidewalk, on the gravel on west side of the courts or in front of the backboard (providing no tennis players are drilling) for physical safety.  

- If a ball is rolling onto another court, please loudly yell "Ball!" and play will stop on that court to avoid injury. The server will start the point again.

- Always cross behind a court AFTER the point has ended and AFTER informing players you're 'coming through.'  In private and public courts as well as all during tournaments and leagues in the US and Canada, this is considered to be proper court etiquette.


- Unless an individual player has verbally communicated during THAT GAME that they want feedback or constructive criticism, refrain from advising or coaching.  

- Refrain from providing unsolicited feedback during games with your partner as your partner may be a recreational player, may be working on specific things during that game or day that you are not aware of, may only wish to receive feedback from their paid coach or may not appreciate feedback from you...  Also, your opponents may not appreciate pauses in the game.

- Understand and respect that players come to pickleball for different reasons, come with different backgrounds and have different pickleball goals.

Pickleball Courts in San Juan County

OI - Buck Park in Eastsound
301-699 Mt. Baker Road, Eastsound WA 98245
4 Outdoor courts
Dedicated, Nets Provided
OI - New Gym in Eastsound
715 School Road, Eastsound WA 98245
2 Indoor courts
Lighted, Nets Provided
OI - Old Gym in Eastsound
715 School Road, Eastsound WA 98245
3 Indoor courts
Lighted, Nets Provided
SJI - Cahill Court in Friday Harbor
225 John Street, Friday Harbor WA 97850
1 Outdoor courts
SJI - High School in Friday Harbor
45 Blair Ave, Friday Harbor Friday Harbor 98250
1 Indoor courts
SJI - Roche Harbor's Tennis Courts - Private
248 Reuben Memorial Drive, Roche Harbor WA 98250
6 Outdoor courts