Pickleball in Vancouver, British Columbia

Includes Westside, East Vancouver, South Vancouver, QEP, Downtown, Burnaby

Pickleball Courts in Vancouver

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Brewers Park
4175 Victoria Dr, Vancouver BC V5N4M9
4 Outdoor courts
Nets Provided
Burnaby Heights Park
3877 Eton St, Burnaby BC V5C4P5
11 Outdoor courts
Cedar Cottage Park
2650 Clark Dr, Vancouver BC V5N3H5
2 Outdoor courts
Champlain Heights
3350 Maquinna Dr., Vancouver BC V5S4C6
8 Outdoor courts
Nets Provided
Hornby YWCA
535 Hornby Street, Vancouver British Columbia V6C2E8
1 Indoor courts
Lighted, Dedicated, Nets Provided
Jericho Beach
1448 Discovery St., Vancouver BC V5Z4Z3
7 Outdoor courts
Nets Provided
King George Tennis Courts (West End Community Centre)
1701 Barclay St., Vancouver British Columbia V6G2X9
8 Outdoor courts
Langara YMCA
282 W 49th Ave, Vancouver BC V5Y2Z5
2 Indoor courts
Lighted, Nets Provided
Pandora Park
2300 Pandora St, Vancouver British Columbia V5L1N6
6 Outdoor courts
Queen Elizabeth Park
4600 Cambie Street, Vancouver BC V5Z2Z1
7 Outdoor courts
Nets Provided
Wesbrook Community Centre
3335 Webber Lane, Vancouver BC V6S0H3
3 Indoor courts
Lighted, Nets Provided