Pickleball in Murphy, NC

Includes Murphy, Blairsville

Local Admin Alert

We are heading towards 200 players and the following common sense guidelines will keep us organized.

1. Respect the level/skill rating that the game has been set for. 

2. Guest sign ups are to be used ONLY for out of town visitors who are a one time player. Local players who want to use PlayTime need to set up an account (easy and free) and sign themselves up for games.PLEASE DO NOT SIGN FOLKS UP FOR A GAME IF THEY HAVE AN ACCOUNT! 

3. The game is full? Not at your level? Create a game! 

4. If you sign up then show up! 


Playtime is tool that helps players find others who want to play at specific times outside of open play (M, W and F from 8-11am) and can offer a variety of formats of game play including Round Robins, Ladders, Drill Sessions and games by level. 







Pickleball Courts in Murphy

PlayTime Scheduler is a FREE scheduling tool created exclusively for pickleball. Using this site, you will be able to create and join play sessions with other players in the Murphy area. No more endless group texts or emails, or showing up to empty courts! Click the button below to get started.

Hayesville Recreation Center
333 Ball Park Dr, Hayesville NC 28904
8 Outdoor courts
Dedicated, Nets Provided
Murphy Courts
695 Konehete Street, Murphy NC 28906
8 Outdoor courts
Lighted, Dedicated, Nets Provided