Pickleball in Easton, PA

Includes Easton Área Pickleball, Mill Race Park, Fairview Park, Forks Township Community Park

Local Admin Alert

Please select the colored button for the time and place you intend to play.  Remember correct footwear is always required (court/tennis/volleyball shoes are acceptable-running shoes are not recommended).  New players are encouraged to come on Monday evenings at Fairview Park-no paddle, no problem.  I will provide paddles and balls for newbies to use for 6:00 pm Monday evening recreational play at Fairview Park.  Newbies will learn the beginner basics-serving, keeping score, when is a ball out/in, court position, etc. at no cost.  All parks where we play are public parks and by playing you personally accept all risk if you become injured or Ill as a result of your participation.

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Pickleball Courts in Easton

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