Pickleball For Dummies

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The game with the funny name was created in the 1960's and is, today, the fastest growing sport in America. We take you through the hows of the game. In true Dummies fashion, the material is easy to understand and appropriate for newbies as well as advanced players. We cover it all from scoring, serving, dinking, places to play, and getting more involved in the community. No need to be intimidated - you've got Dummies on your side of the court to give you all the best tips and tricks from expert authors. If you're in a pickle because you don't know anything about this popular game, Pickleball for Dummies will teach you everything you need to know.

  • Learn the rules and stroke fundamentals
  • Intro to the fun, social aspects of the game
  • Advanced strategies that will raise an experienced player to next level
  • Tips for tournament players and club organizers

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