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Lighthouse Sports - Pickleball is fun, your bag should be too!

Our pickleball backpacks are tailored to meet the specific needs of pickleball players, offering both functionality and style, in two sizes. Here is why:


  1. Specialized Design for Pickleball: We design for the equipment and essentials needed for the game.
  2. Superior Functionality: Fits two paddles, balls, a water bottle, towel, and other essentials. This speaks to the convenience it offers during a game.
  3. High-Quality Materials:  Ensures durability and reflects our commitment to providing long-lasting and reliable product.
  4. Optimal Size Without Bulk: Move around comfortably without feeling weighed down by their gear.
  5. Versatility: Suitable for not only the game but also for casual outings like lunch with friends. 
  6. Design for Play Philosophy: Our products enhance your ability to enjoy sports and your time on the court with friends and family.