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From the Support Desk: Having Problems Receiving Notification Emails?

While most of us enjoy receiving helpful notification emails generated by PlayTime Scheduler, some users are plagued by having these emails treated as spam by their email provider.

The simplest way to keep receiving emails from us is to add and to your "Approved Senders" list. Depending on your email program, this might be referred to as: Whitelist, Friends, Contacts, Safe Senders, Allowed Senders, Address Book, etc.

But what if you’re not getting these emails to start with? The first step is to check your Junk folder (also known as the Bulk Mail or Spam folder). If you find any emails from us, move them out of there and into your inbox to classify them as "good." If there is a button to click to indicate "This is not spam," be sure to click it! This is how your email program learns which emails are desired by you.

Another problem may be that you’ve made your notification preferences too restrictive. To reset your email preferences back to default, log in, then click here to use our Email Reset Tool.

If none of these work, contact us and we can also check if our system has stopped sending to you due too many spam complaints from your email provider (which may have been happening without your knowledge!)

In some especially tough cases, you may need to contact your email provider/ISP and ask them to stop blocking emails from

Please, don’t ever click “Spam” on a PlayTime Scheduler email that you signed up to receive, just because you changed your mind or are now receiving more than you expected. This damages our site’s email reputation, and prevents your fellow users from receiving emails from us. Instead, log in and go to My Account > Notifications to adjust your email preferences. We don’t send spam, and we won’t ever send you emails you don’t want, as long as you let us know your wishes!

We continuously monitor our sender reputation and email content to help ensure we maintain an extremely good "whitelist" rating. Please help us keep our rating positive. Visit this resource guide for more helpful tips.