Newsletters > 07/13/2021 > Community Hero: Heidi Johnson, Regional Admin
Community Hero

Community Hero: Heidi Johnson, Regional Admin

In this month's newsletter we are giving a great big THANK YOU to Heidi Johnson for all of her continued hard work to make PlayTime Scheduler the best it can be.

Heidi is a regional admin for both the Portland OR and Vancouver WA regions.

We asked Heidi a few questions about being a regional admin and here's what she had to say...

When did you first join as a regional admin?
I first joined as a regional admin in September of 2020.
What do you think is the most rewarding part of being a regional admin?
Being a regional admin really keeps you in touch with what is happening in the pickleball community.  I am also president of a large pickleball club in the Northwest, Columbia River Pickleball Club and we have over 650 members.  It's nice to see which parks are getting a lot of play and which clubs are utilizing PlayTime Scheduler.  It has been fun to see our growth on the website with new locations popping up on the map.  

What’s the biggest challenge?
The biggest challenge is sometimes dealing with Parks & Rec departments who don't understand that PlayTime Scheduler is simply a tool for a meet up for players, not a reservation system.  If players are respectful and understand the functionality of PlayTime, it is such a great tool and literally lets you see where play is available.  If you are looking for a certain level of play or a longer play session, PlayTime is such a great tool to allow you to set up those sessions.  We try to be good ambassadors with our local Parks & Recs departments to develop a good relationship with them, it really is a partnership.  

What advice would you give to someone wanting to start their own region as a regional admin?
In my opinion, PlayTime Scheduler is the best tool out there and if you want to grow your club or organize play time, you won't regret using PlayTime Scheduler. As a club, we looked at several different pickleball websites and applications before deciding to use PlayTime Scheduler.  It's such a versatile website and with the Power User ability, you can really tailor those play sessions to a limited number of people with wait lists, etc.  Once you publicize PlayTime and begin to use it, I know you will really like it!  Don't be afraid to reach out to other admins for advice if you need help.  Reine is always a great support, so grateful she has developed this software.