One Million Sessions = Our Biggest Giveaway Ever!

This contest ended on November 22, 2023 as we passed 1 million play sessions!

Congratulations to our winner, Anne W. of Skagit County, WA!

To help us celebrate the ONE MILLIONTH PlayTime Scheduler session, our friends at ERNE are giving away one of their state-of-the-art pickleball machines (plus a cool trucker hat) — a prize package worth over $1829!

The user who creates session number 1,000,000 will be the lucky winner of a Shadow Gray ERNE machine and ERNE trucker hat!*

Thank you to all our users for helping make PlayTime Scheduler the world's #1 site for recreational pickleball play!

*No purchase necessary to win. Must be 18 years old and a resident of US or Canada to be eligible to win.

ERNE: The Ultimate Drilling Partner


From the top Pros to local rec players, ERNE is the preferred pickleball machine for a reason! 

ERNE was developed and brought to market by three diehard pickleballers, who simply wanted more from their pickleball throwing machines. 

They wanted a larger hopper, so they could spend more time hitting instead of picking balls up. They wanted better precision and control. They wanted more of a game-like feel and less predictability. They wanted a longer battery life, better portability, sturdier materials, etc

So, what did they do?

The ERNE team developed a pickleball training machine that:

  1. Has the largest hopper on the market (150 balls)
  2. Better motors that deliver an astonishing range of speeds from 10mph-65mph to work on dinking and handling drives
  3. Smartphone App that allows you to control the speed, frequency, location and even spin.
  4. 24 pre-programmed drills 
  5. Ability to easily create and save your own shot/drill sequences
  6. Stealthy oscillator so you can’t easily predict where the ball is going
  7. 4-8 hour battery life on single charge
  8. Ease of storage and portability with a long retractable suitcase style handle and removable hopper.
  9. All made from super durable and quality materials.

ERNE is a technology-driven pickleball throwing and training machine; that truly is a drilling partner. Whether you are a pro or a novice, this machine will get you playing your best pickleball.


Custom Drills

The ERNE runs a variety of preprogrammed drills, including:  

  • Fixed: used for single shot drills with 3 predefined shot locations
  • Cross: used for double shot drills with 6 predefined shot locations
  • Horizontal: sweep mode with 5 predefined sets of shot sequences
  • Vertical: used to practice moving from the baseline to the kitchen
  • Volley: dink practice and drop shot returns
  • Smash: used to practice overhead shots & returning lobs
  • Random: used to move player around the court with 28 shot locations
  • Program: players create their own sequence. Pick from the 28 spots on the court



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